In fairness, the new energy, environmental protection banner hybrid, direct injection technology really can be described as the last technology. However, we are pleased to be able to see, such as the Ford factory still tirelessly to develop direct injection technology, make this technology even glow of a second spring. This suggests that, in fact, the main bottleneck affecting the promotion of direct injection technology - technical barrier has been broken through, direct injection on developing a mature track. As for the oil issue?


Cadillac SIDI dual engine concept, although it also has certain requirements of oil, but because it is not the use of ultra-high compression ratio technology, so the fuel octane requirements and no FSI engine r33 coilovers so high, not because the compression ratio of the engine can not run enough to lead to (SIDI engine with ordinary engines, cylinder gas mixture is ignited by the spark plug). Currently Cadillac SIDI engine has been completely adapt to Chinas oil. Mazda DISI, Ford EcoBoost also can use 93 (Beijing No. 92) of gasoline. Under the promotion of direct injection technology since the objective conditions permit, the cause of this situation should be attributed to the subjective factors.


In other words, that is the reason the car companies themselves. In the old technology anyway, did not earn enough money, why should the introduction of new technologies Evo 9 rods? Each car prices are holding such a concept, the enemy does not move Im not moving, so we Hao Zhao. Well now, someone broke this situation, the development of a new technology, many manufacturers began around the corner. But soon after the turn into such a situation, the cycle of death to enter the Chinese automobile industry, never a good day.